Re-Inspiring a Culture of Agriculture

We’re re-inspiring youth towards a Culture of Agriculture, encouraging healthy and sustainable lifestyles, and supporting food security! You can be an AgroViva Hero too. It’s super easy, and a whole lot of fun!

AgroViva is a collaborative initiative that directly supports the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 2 – Zero Hunger and SDG 3 – Good Health and Well-Being.

Eighty (80) local and migrant youth participants from all our programmes and our Heroes team are all showing off their gardening skills and being true AgroViva Heroes.

They’re growing their own food and making healthy eating choices to build healthy lifestyles.

You can join the fun and be an AgroiViva Hero using the gardening videos below. Check them out, and check our social media platforms for updates from our AgroVova Heroes.

This initiative was made possible by the Pan-American Development Foundation (PADF) with funding from the United States Government, The Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago through The Ministry of Agriculture, Land, and Fisheries, and WhyFarm, with educational videos courtesy the Grow Garden Initiative from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in collaboration with the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), AgriMan, the World Food Programme, and the Global Environment Fund’s Small Grants Programme (GEF SGP) 

Grow Gardening Initiative Home Gardening Videos – English

Vídeos de jardinería doméstica de la iniciativa Grow Gardening – Español



World Social Work Day 2021

For World Social Work Day, we recognise and celebrate the work of these heroes who dedicate their lives to helping others. This year’s theme is Ubuntu – “I am, because you are.” In this mini-series, we explore how this type of love and commitment positively transforms lives.

Case Officers at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Trinidad and Tobago (BBBSTT) are all social workers, because of the core skills and tools they possess to help guide and support healthy mentorship relationships. They work closely with other Social Workers and Guidance Councillors at schools and Community Residences to ensure that young people benefit from the opportunities available to them.

We are grateful for their dedication and support of youth development through mentorship. Heroes is proud to be the host organisation for BBBSTT, an official affiliate of Big Brothers Big Sisters International.

Case Officers at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Trinidad and Tobago (BBBSTT) are all social workers, because of the core skills and tools they possess to help guide and support healthy mentorship relationships.
As we close our Ubuntu series highlighting the impact of Social Workers, we explore the benefits and experiences within the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Trinidad and Tobago (BBBSTT) programmes.

We hear insights from Moseh, a Little in the Children in Care model, and Phillip, a Big in the Corporate Workplace Model.
In part two of our mini-series, we continue to explore this year’s theme, “Ubuntu,” with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Trinidad and Tobago. We explore the interconnectedness of people and their environment through their eyes and are grateful for the insights they share.
Heroes of Energy League Learning

Heroes of Energy League Learning

The Heroes of Energy league Learning Series connected Heroes youth participants with energy leaders and role models to explore current and future energy challenges.

Participants journed through different developmental stories while receiving guidance for dealing with life’s issues and challenges.

Our youth hosts Triston and Kalifa chat with Legend of Energy, Arlene Chow, and Champion of Energy Shaun Rampersad on their learnings, insights, and experience from the Energy Sector.
Our youth hosts chat with Powergen General Manager Surindranath Ramsingh, BPTT VP Corporate Operation Giselle Thompson, and T&TEC System Planning Engineer Courtney Powell.

Talking Petrochemical and Upstream Oil and Gas Industries with Hanna Sukhu-Maharaj – Marketing and Logistics Manager, Proman, and Brian Ali – Digital Lead, Shell
Chatting with Senator the Honourable Franklin Khan – Minister of Energy and Energy Industries, Mrs. Penelope Bradshaw-Niles – Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries, Mr. Joel “Monty” Pemberton – Chairman, The Heroes Foundation

Youth hosts chat Dr. Dax Driver of the Energy Chamber of Trinidad and Tobago, Mr. Mark Loquan of the National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago, and Mr. Dwight Mahabir of Damus Limited.
We’re talking Hydrogen, Solar, and the Environment with Philip Julien – Managing Director, Kenesjay Systems, Sally Maharaj – Environmental Programme Officer III, Environmental Management Authority, and Salvation Yalams – Project Coordinator, IAMovement.
Chatting with young pioneers of Energy: Energy Analyst and Founder of eNRgy TT Neisha Ramdass, Commercial Analyst, The National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago Shane Wilson, EIE Lead Assessor, Oxford Brookes University Dr Kiron Neale.
Heroes for Life

Heroes for Life

The Heroes Foundation is calling for a united effort in the fight against Covid-19, and for a responsible and collective response to recommendations, guidelines and regulations being put in place by the government and our service agencies.

The right attitudes and behaviours will help to stem the spread of the Virus.

Thank you, Dr. Jenna Graham, for being a #HeroForLife​.
Together, we can make a difference in the fight against COVID-19.
We can be heroes by supporting those at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19.
Our support, love, and encouragement give heroes like Deon the courage to fight on in this battle.
We’re all in this together, and we all have an important role to play. Thank you to the teams at Broadview Surveillance Systems and the Chaguanas Borough Corporation for being heroes in the fight against COVID-19.
Thank you, Dr. Reisha Seebaransingh, for being a #HeroForLife​.
Let’s do our part to keep our heroes safe as they help us get better
We’re doing well in the fight against COVID-19, but we must remain vigilant.
Thank you to Heroes like Dr. Vishal Basdeo who continue to put country first.
We all still have a part to play to stop the spread of COVID-19. Chris-Tisha reminds us of some of the symptoms of this deadly virus, and some steps to take to stay safe and healthy.