26th December, 2020 – Port-of-Spain.  One hundred and eleven (111) students from seven (7) secondary schools will start their next school term with digital devices thanks to the Heroes Foundation (Heroes) and a league of corporate heroes.  Heroes, supported by Proman, Angostura Limited, Phoenix Park Gas Processors Limited (PPGPL), Unit Trust Corporation (UTC), Standard Distributors and other donors has been delivering devices over the Christmas Season to the students who are participants in the Heroes Development Programme (HDP) and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Trinidad and Tobago (BBBSTT) mentorship programme.

According to Heroes’ Chief Executive Officer, Lawrence Arjoon, “Transitioning our programmes to digital delivery this year also helped us optimise our use of resources.  With the support of our programme sponsors, we reallocated savings to meet the needs of our participants best at this time.  We incorporated netiquette and Microsoft Enterprise training into our programme delivery to support students in their digital transition, and these devices will now help ensure that students can comfortably stay connected to our online youth development activities and engage in classes with their schools.”

The schools benefitting from this initiative are Belmont Secondary School, Bishop’s Centenary College, Success Laventille Secondary School, Woodbrook Secondary School, Southeast Port-of-Spain Secondary School, Siparia West Secondary School, and Waterloo High School.

Proman Trinidad and Tobago’s Managing Director, Claus Cronberger noted, “As a longstanding supporter of the Heroes Foundation, we have seen the positive impact the organisation has on the lives of youth in Trinidad and Tobago.  Part of our commitment in country is ensuring that the next generation of leaders is equipped to overcome future challenges.  Providing much needed digital devices and supporting the Heroes Development Programme and the Big Brothers Big Sisters mentorship programme helps us fulfil this mandate while supporting and empowering youth to have a positive impact in their lives and the lives of others.”

Angostura’s Executive Manager – Corporate Services, Rahim Mohammed noted, “As part of Angostura’s commitment to ensure that students are not left behind, we continue to do all that is possibly to support the digital education transition.  We are happy to support Heroes in this initiative which pairs digital device distribution with online technology education.  Angostura also donated hand sanitiser for the Heroes Student Support Centre and the organisation’s in-person work earlier this year.  We will continue to do our best to support positive youth development activities in Trinidad and Tobago as we navigate these times together.”

PPGPL’s President, Dominic Rampersad noted, “It is important for us to ensure that the education of our nation’s youth remains a priority as we navigate these changing times.  We must do all that is possible to ensure the sustainable development of not just our business, but our society as a whole.  Education today will be conducted more and more on online platforms and hence we must prepare our young people and our economy for this reality.  We have seen the positive impact of these youth development activities on our nation’s youth and are proud to support the delivery of essential services to those most in need at this time.”

UTC’s Executive Director, Nigel Edwards noted, “The Big Brothers Big Sisters programme has a proven track record of not only positively benefitting the student participants, but our employees who volunteer their time and talent as well.  The bonds created between the Bigs (mentors) and Littles (mentees) go well beyond the programme, and we are happy to have these direct, strong, and positive influences on the lives of our nation’s future leaders.  We are excited by the digital delivery of this new programme cycle, especially as these digital devices will also play a key role in facilitating access to online education.”

The ICRAIG 7-Inch high-definition tablets were procured by Standard Distributors and come equipped with a detachable keyboard, protective case, and high-quality headphones to maximise user experience, especially in settings where multiple users engage in online activities at the same time.


TTMA and Heroes Foundation Support Young Entrepreneurs at TIC

TTMA and Heroes Foundation Support Young Entrepreneurs at TIC

31st October 2020 – Port-of-Spain.  Over 400 secondary school students were given an opportunity to imagine themselves as manufacturers and regional traders as they listened intently to President Franka Costelloe and Director Roger Roach of the Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers Association (TTMA) speak about the work and activities of the sector. The occasion was the Heroes of Manufacturing webinar at the 2020 Trade and Investment Convention (TIC) on Friday.

Jointly hosted by the Heroes Foundation (Heroes) and the TTMA, students were given a helicopter view of the Manufacturing Sector from Franka Costelloe, and some practical insights about the world of trade and industry from the TTMA Director and CEO of Lazuri Apparel, Roger Roach.

Costelloe highlighted the challenges presented by Covid-19 and its impact on lives and livelihood of persons employed in the sector. She also shared strategies that the Association has implemented to recover market share and to increase regional exports. Explaining TTMA’s Manufacturing Strategy to increase local production and double exports, she emphasised the role of young entrepreneurs and SME’s in market expansion.


Respected for her data-driven conversations, the young businesswoman shared the numbers on the size and scale of the sector and how manufacturing and non-energy exports contribute to GDP.  The context met with several questions from the young audience, many curious for information on capital sourcing, business planning, and mentorship.  In pointing them to resources, Costelloe also explained that “Good Business models are built on creativity and risk.” She said, “Young, fresh, innovative minds are best equipped to give us fresh new ideas and they have the guts to pursue their dreams. It is up to us, to boost that confidence and inspiration. We can do so through mentorship, internships, training, and providing opportunities.”

Roger Roach challenged the students to pursue the opportunities that exist and not be daunted by the current challenges to global trade.  Risk, obstacles, and failure are part of the road to success, he explained.  “You have to be able to identify demand and act on that opportunity quickly.” In sharing the advantage of moving quickly on ideas, he gave the Lazuri experience.  “We decided last December to set up a garment manufacturing facility.  We did the research, bought machinery, hired staff, began testing in March, and then COVID hit.”  Faced with the option of closing down the new operation, Roach told the audience that he partnered with the University of the West Indies (UWI) and The Caribbean Industrial Research Institute (CARIRI) through the TTMA to develop a stylish branded facemask with a high filtration rate, and was able to pivot operations to mask production.


Inspired by the advice from Roach and Costelloe, Lutchmi Beharry, a budding entrepreneur from Parvati Girls’ Hindu College is now more confident about her own plans.  “The advice given was very realistic and it didn’t scare me.  It excited me even more because now I’m clearer on what to expect.  I like that.”

Heroes CEO, Lawrence Arjoon described the session as a dynamic exchange of ideas between generations.  “At Heroes, we connect youth with industry leaders and experts who generously share their insights and expertise so that our nation’s youth can take us beyond where we are at today.  Today, Franka and Roger have helped bring these young participants one step closer to their dreams; and we are now one step closer to growing the base of Proudly T&T manufacturers, entrepreneurs, and global exporters.”

Heroes Bridging the Digital Divide

Heroes Bridging the Digital Divide

Monday 5th October, 2020, Port-of-Spain: The Heroes Foundation (Heroes) a registered not-for-profit organisation is helping to bridge the digital divide through their newly launched Student Support Centre, where students can get technical support, use computers, or access the internet if needed. Heroes also distributed 10 tablets to students in their programmes and is working with programme sponsors to provide more support to students in need.

Heroes CEO, Lawrence Arjoon commented, “All of our programmes and activities are now delivered digitally, and most of our team works remotely, so our office has a lot of space. Students can come in for assistance by making appointments thought their Programme Coordinators, adhering to all the COVID-19 guidelines. We have also included modules on managing the digital transition into our programmes to help students understand and leverage technology in their everyday lives.”

Heroes works with over 500 youth participants ages 11 – 17 in the Heroes Development Programme (HDP) and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Trinidad and Tobago (BBBSTT). These programmes were traditionally delivered in-person in schools, community residences, and corporate workplaces. They are all now delivered online using Microsoft Teams and Google Classroom to over 70% of programme participants, or via phone calls, as some students are still not online.

Jeannelle Forbes, an HDP student from Woodbrook Secondary School, in sharing her experiences, noted, “There wasn’t much going on over the past few months due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and it was getting a bit boring locked up at home. Heroes helped by doing lots of online activities with us and exposing us to learning in a new way. When school reopened online, I thought the transition from face-to-face to online classes was very easy because the past months with Heroes helped me to get accustomed to the online interaction, and I am very grateful for that.”

Heroes rolled out two new Corporate Workplace Big Brothers Big Sisters mentorship programmes in September after moving the application, enrolment, screening, and matching processes online. The organisation also rolled out a digital Migrant Heroes Development Programme in August that targets 150 Spanish-speaking migrant youth living in Trinidad in collaboration with Living Water Community and TTV Solidarity Network with funding from the Pan-American Development Foundation (PADF).
The next step for Heroes is to roll out its new digital platform in the coming weeks to allow more people to access the organisation’s activities.

Arjoon explained, “A fundamental part of the Heroes development model is to connect youth with leaders and role-models who want to contribute to youth development by providing positive and experienced guidance for dealing with life’s issues and challenges. We plan to do that digitally going forward, and to continue to empower the youth of Trinidad and Tobago as the world continues to change around us.”

Heroes Foundation CEO Lawrence Arjoon, HDP Coordinator Gyasi Monsegue and students from the Heroes Development Programme in an online session in June.

Youth Take the Lead in Energy Transition

Youth Take the Lead in Energy Transition

Heroes Foundation brings fresh perspectives to Trinidad and Tobago’s Energy Future

The Heroes Foundation (Heroes) along with the Energy Chamber of Trinidad and Tobago (ECTT) has culminated months of work by the youth of Trinidad and Tobago into a comprehensive report that sets out recommendations for Trinidad and Tobago’s Energy Future. The report is based upon intense discussions and extensive deliberations which were held at the Heroes of Energy Youth Forum as part of the Trinidad and Tobago Energy Conference in February 2020.

Over four hundred secondary school students from across the country explored and debated energy sustainability and a greener industry with energy stalwarts, senior business leaders, energy professionals, and government officials.    The bright, young minds delved into the history of Trinidad and Tobago’s growth as a world-class energy player and explored current challenges, while facilitated session stimulated ideas reflective of modern critical thinking, a youthful intolerance for “business as usual”, and a bold articulation of the future that our youth want for themselves.

The Report captures extensive details of the youth collaboration and highlights the rich exchange of ideas, which include:

  • The need for more accessible information on the energy sector and specifically renewables and conservation opportunities. 
  • The need for greater clarity on the benefits, opportunities, and potential implementation challenges associated with diversifying into renewable energy sources.
  • Greater engagement of the youth population in the energy discourse with access to sector leaders and energy professionals to stimulate interest in careers in energy and inclusive dialogue on industry potential. 
  • The establishment of nationwide youth cohorts to research, create, and share information on energy, water conservation and efficiency, climate change and climate action in schools, homes, and communities. 
  • Leveraging social media to inspire and engage youth interests in energy via messages, art, skits, and presentations to raise awareness.
  • Challenge to government to consider a number of actions for positive action against climate change impacts, including changes to the education curriculum to include energy and climate change; incentives for using renewable energy by capturing wind and hydro power from rivers and seas to generate electricity.
  • A challenge to the Heroes Foundation to consider an education and awareness programme as a focus for action.

In launching the report, the Heroes Foundation CEO, Lawrence Arjoon said, “I believe that an important part of our work at the Foundation, is in youth engagement and education. We must harness passion and steer it into action. This is why we are actively working on a number of new partnerships with the private sector to convert these ideas into reality.”

Click below to read the report.

A Call for Heroes at Home in Trinidad and Tobago

A Call for Heroes at Home in Trinidad and Tobago

Port-of-Spain, Monday 23rd March, 2020 – The Heroes Foundation is calling on all citizens to be heroes and stay at home to stop the spread of coronavirus.  It’s important that we act now and be ‘Heroes at Home’ to reduce the greater medical, economic, and social hardships that will come if COVID-19 continues to spread.

Self-isolation can be challenging, but it is necessary to prevent the spread of coronavirus to the people we love.  We must ensure that we protect those most vulnerable – our grandparents, aunts, uncles, parents, and the babies in our families.  They, and those with pre-existing medical conditions are most at risk.  As we have seen across the world, people will die if we do not follow the rules and guidelines established by the authorities for our safety and protection.

The inconveniences of self-isolation and social distancing are temporary, and we must be tolerant of them to defeat this virus.  If we do not, the implications for human life and to the economy of Trinidad and Tobago will be severe.  The faster we can flatten the curve – the escalation of the threat – the faster we can all return to a normal life.  The Heroes Foundation implores everyone to follow the rules and guidelines established by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago.  So, stay home, and be a hero at home.

For the last 18 years, The Heroes Foundation has inspired the youth of our nation and nurtured the next generation of heroes in Trinidad and Tobago.  Now, more than ever, we need heroes who take accountability and act responsibly.  Persons who will commit, through personal action, to flatten the curve by staying at home and encouraging others to do the same. The right behaviours will give us all a strong, fighting chance against this COVID-19 pandemic.

We are thankful for the courage and dedication of the heroes in our medical and protective services who are going above and beyond to care for those affected and to stop the spread of COVID-19.  We are ever grateful for your service and sacrifice, and for being our heroes on the front line of this battle.

For those who do not belong to the essential services, we can be ‘Heroes at Home’.  As our national motto says: Together we aspire, together we achieve.  It is going to take each and every single one of us, working together, to overcome this coronavirus. Let us:
– Set the example.
– Follow the guidelines.
– Respond to the requests of those in authority.
– We can be the Heroes that Trinidad and Tobago need to stop the spread of Covid-19.

Lawrence J. Arjoon
Chief Executive Officer


Heroes & Trinity – Big Brother Big Sister Corporate Workplace Mentorship

Heroes & Trinity – Big Brother Big Sister Corporate Workplace Mentorship

Big Brother Big Sister Corporate Workplace Mentorship

In 2014, The Heroes Foundation in collaboration with Trinity Exploration & Production Plc. piloted the first Big Brothers Big Sisters Corporate Workplace Mentorship Programme in Trinidad and Tobago.

The Corporate Workplace Model (CWM) brings youth participants from secondary schools into the workplace where they are matched with a Big from the organisation. Littles benefit from the one-to-one match for a minimum of one year, as well as group activities with all the organisation’s matches.