Welcome to Heroes Headquarters!

Here, we creates safe spaces where children and youth are educated and empowered through development opportunities and mentorship to become self-sustaining contributors to society.

We help address problems and challenges affecting children and youth by providing access to psychosocial and sustainability education, skills training, and economic opportunities that help improve mental health and well-being, reduce poverty, increase economic growth, and fuel civic-minded collaboration for positive social impact.

Heroes are ordinary people who find the ability within themselves to achieve extraordinary feats.  They dream of a better world, and believe that they can contribute to building that world with the help of others.

As a 20-year-old development organisation, Heroes has a deeply rooted presence in schools and communities across Trinidad and Tobago, committed to long-term interventions that support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

With over 500 current participants, an engagement of more than 6000 individuals, and a digital reach of over .77 million, Heroes operates in 31 schools nationwide and digitally, inspiring local and migrant children and youth to unlock their full potential and help build a safer and better society for us all.

Years of Service to Children and Youth

programme participants to date

people reached by youth-led digital campaigns for positive change

Our Impact 

Below are the results of our impact assessment done in 2021 which captures feedback from participant on our core outcome areas.

Life Skills and Character Development


See themselves as a leader

  • Feel more confident 91% 91%
  • Are able to communicate better 94% 94%
  • Have goals for their future and work hard each day to achieve them 95% 95%
  • Stand up for what they believe in 97% 97%

Mental Health and Well-Being


Have a better understanding of their health and well-being

  • Know where to access support when feeling sad and down 84% 84%
  • Feel more positive and in control of their life 87% 87%

Active Citizenship


Know how and want to make a positive difference in their community and country

  • Have a deeper appreciation for their country’s heroes and culture 94% 94%
  • Volunteering has become an important part of their life 85% 85%
  • The amount of time they spend volunteering has increased 75% 75%

Career Guidance


Understand their career options for the future

  • Have identified a career path 93% 93%

Developing Gifts and Talents


Know their strengths and talents

  • Have opportunities to express themselves and strengthen their talents 92% 92%

Academic Performance


Have improved performance in school

  • Are confident that they can do an excellent job on assignments and jobs 94% 94%
  • Are more involved in school activities 82% 82%