What Makes a Hero?

The Values of Heroes are the guiding characteristics that we develop and encourage through our programmes and activities. These values are the foundation for building a peaceful, safe, and sustainable society.

Heroes are:


Heroes are responsible and honourable with their beliefs, thoughts, words, actions, and deeds, adhering to and practising the principles and values to which they identify.


Heroes find in themselves the courage to give themselves and others the power or authority to do what is right, and act in the interest of the common good.


Heroes are brave enough to continue on their journey despite obstacles or adversity, finding in themselves and with the help of others, the ability to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions.


Heroes give of their best, pushing the boundaries to help themselves and others get better.


Heroes create the space to share and understand their feelings, and that of others, before speaking or acting.


Heroes act in the best interest of everyone and everything, ensuring that there is value maximisation and use or resources for the common good.