How does a school become involved in the Heroes Development Programme?

  • School or Sponsor expresses an interest in having HDP at a school.
  • Heroes reviews standard checklist and guidelines for establishing and operating the HDP with schools and sponsors:
    • Requirements for Sponsors, Schools, Liaison Teachers, Students, Parents, Heroes.
  • Meeting with Principal, Guidance Officer, School Social Worker, and other key members of staff to conduct the school’s needs assessment
  • Needs Assessment Analysis prepared by Heroes and discussed with school. Programme plan and activities adjusted based on needs assessment.
  • Heroes, School, and Sponsor sign Memorandums of Understanding.
  • Students Enrolment Begins


For best results, the following are required for establishing HDP in a school:

  • A sponsor that is willing to committee programme funding for 3 years – TTD 50,000 annually.
  • A school liaison teacher(s) assigned as the contact person(s) responsible for coordinating and working with the school team and Heroes Coordinator.
  • A designed day time within the school week for a 45 minute – 1-hour interactive in-person session with students.
  • A Heroes HDP coordinator who manages the programme, leads in-personal and digital activities, and provides quarterly progress reports to schools, parents, and sponsors.
  • A team of 15 – 25 students enrolled from Form 1 who are committed to the programme for three years. Students are enrolled from Forms 1-3.
  • Parental permission and support commitment for students.
  • Student access to computer, tablet, or mobile device to participate in digital sessions and online development courses.