Heart Of A Hero:#1 Fireman

The charter James realization and understanding that each person has a purpose, and anyone can be a hero.

Heart Of A Hero: #2 Transformations

The storyline revolves around a physically-challenged young man, who despite his own doubts and fears about his capabilities, rise to the challenge and in doing so, inspires his family, friends and colleagues to transform their way of thinking towards the differently-abled.⁣

Heart Of A Hero:#6

Bullying is every body’s business. It is a scourge on society and wills itself on the unsuspecting, in the physical, the media and through social networking. Similar to a physical scourge bullying is double pronged because it not only affects the person being bullied but the perpetrator as well. Whilst we are all being bullied in one form or another, bullying of and by young people is the unkindest cut of all.