Big Brothers Big Sisters Trinidad and Tobago (BBBSTT) enables life changing mentoring relationships which ignite the power and potential of youth.

An affiliate of Big Brothers Big Sisters International (BBBSI), BBBSTT facilitates and supports the one-to-one mentorship relationship of adult volunteer mentors called “Bigs” and children or adolescent mentees called “Littles”.  These relationships enable youth participants to interact in a positive way with adults outside of their family or regular network.  

About Big Brothers Big Sisters

The Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) programme is based on the idea that a healthy relationship with a caring adult can provide youth with a positive foundation that enables them to live a healthy and productive life: a commitment to learning, a positive sense of self and the future, positive values such as caring, social justice, honesty and responsibility, and social competences of making friends, planning and making decisions, and resisting negative behaviours.

The BBBS mentoring programme started in the United States of America in 1904.  Over the last century BBBS has been providing support and positive encouragement to youth who need a listening ear, a kind heart, and the dedication of adults who believe in their dreams.

How it works

Bigs and Littles are matched based on interests, personality, and psycosocial compatibility. 

BBBSTT Case Officers monitor and provide guidance to the pairs of Bigs and Littles, called “Matches”, to ensure healthy and positive relationships, and to support the matches in achieving the development goals set in the programme.  Cases Officers are professionally trained Social Workers who are equipped with the tools needed to assess and motivate volunteers, understand the needs of youth participants, and supports and guide the match relationship over time. 

What happens?

The Big becomes a positive role model, serving as a friend and ally who provides support and encouragement to the Little.  The Littles often do the same. 

The purpose of these matches is to develop a trusting relationship through guidance, listening, caring, and modelling consistency and positive behaviours. Bigs do not adopt the role of parent or disciplinarian with the Littles.

Application Information

Applicants to this programme must complete an in-depth interview and screening process before a compatible match can be established.  The psychosocial base for this interview and screening process helps ensure that the personality traits, experiences, and expectations or applicants are compatible for a match.  

Matches participate in a wide range of activities that vary within the BBBSTT Models.



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