Participating in the beach cleanup in Trinidad and Tobago last October was an incredible experience. After leaving Venezuela in search of a better future, this activity provided me with the opportunity to connect with the local community and do something positive for the environment. Despite the challenges we face as immigrants, the support and solidarity we found in this activity made us feel welcome and valued”

Sarah is only 10 years old and she loves learning about digital literacy, she always is willing to give examples and help her peers


This class helped me a lot in understanding how everything we do online is stored on the internet and how that can affect us. I don’t have social media, but I do play games online, and I learned that it’s important to be very careful with the people who send messages in those games and with the questions they ask because we don’t know if they are good people. When I’m older and have a Facebook account, I’ll only share nice and positive things about myself to have a good digital footprint and avoid any harm from what I post.



Abdel mentioned that his favorite Microsoft apps were Teams and PowerPoint. He liked Teams because it allows him to chat and have online meetings not only with his coordinators and peers during Heroes sessions but also to connect online with his friends in Venezuela. As for PowerPoint, he’s interested in learning how to create slides to make his school assignments easier and more colorful.


Mauricio. “I am very excited about the great work we have done. With this work we can promote the value of respect and tolerance as these are very important. We did this mural to improve society and reduce violence to live in a better world.”


I feel happy and extremely glad because I know we have done a good job, I know that when people see our mural they will love it. The most important message for me is peace and unity, because we live in a world where these values are not practiced very much. I want the word peace and unity to be engraved in their minds and put it into practice on a daily basis. I know that together we will do great things.”