Heroes Foundation brings fresh perspectives to Trinidad and Tobago’s Energy Future

The Heroes Foundation (Heroes) along with the Energy Chamber of Trinidad and Tobago (ECTT) has culminated months of work by the youth of Trinidad and Tobago into a comprehensive report that sets out recommendations for Trinidad and Tobago’s Energy Future. The report is based upon intense discussions and extensive deliberations which were held at the Heroes of Energy Youth Forum as part of the Trinidad and Tobago Energy Conference in February 2020.

Over four hundred secondary school students from across the country explored and debated energy sustainability and a greener industry with energy stalwarts, senior business leaders, energy professionals, and government officials.    The bright, young minds delved into the history of Trinidad and Tobago’s growth as a world-class energy player and explored current challenges, while facilitated session stimulated ideas reflective of modern critical thinking, a youthful intolerance for “business as usual”, and a bold articulation of the future that our youth want for themselves.

The Report captures extensive details of the youth collaboration and highlights the rich exchange of ideas, which include:

  • The need for more accessible information on the energy sector and specifically renewables and conservation opportunities. 
  • The need for greater clarity on the benefits, opportunities, and potential implementation challenges associated with diversifying into renewable energy sources.
  • Greater engagement of the youth population in the energy discourse with access to sector leaders and energy professionals to stimulate interest in careers in energy and inclusive dialogue on industry potential. 
  • The establishment of nationwide youth cohorts to research, create, and share information on energy, water conservation and efficiency, climate change and climate action in schools, homes, and communities. 
  • Leveraging social media to inspire and engage youth interests in energy via messages, art, skits, and presentations to raise awareness.
  • Challenge to government to consider a number of actions for positive action against climate change impacts, including changes to the education curriculum to include energy and climate change; incentives for using renewable energy by capturing wind and hydro power from rivers and seas to generate electricity.
  • A challenge to the Heroes Foundation to consider an education and awareness programme as a focus for action.

In launching the report, the Heroes Foundation CEO, Lawrence Arjoon said, “I believe that an important part of our work at the Foundation, is in youth engagement and education. We must harness passion and steer it into action. This is why we are actively working on a number of new partnerships with the private sector to convert these ideas into reality.”

Click below to read the report.