The Accounting Skills Training Apprenticeship Programme delivered by BLEWSTREAM and the Heroes Foundation (Heroes) will engage young people as potential employees in the world of remote accounting work, with an education and training programme to support their growth and development in the field.

BLEWSTREAM is a recruitment and outsourcing company that deploys highly-skilled accounting and financial talent to companies in North America on a virtual remote work basis. Visit www.blewstream.com for more information about the company

Successful participants will move through three (3) programme phases:

    • PHASE 1 – TRAINING. One (1) month of training in Accounts Payable, Excel Basics, and Etiquette in the Workplace with guides and assessments – starting April 2023.
    • PHASE 2 – PLACEMENT IN LEARN AND GROW MODEL. One (1) year work placement with Blewstream for participants successfully completing training.
        • Remote work for clients in the US and Canada.
        • 1-on-1 mentorship with experienced accountants.
        • 21st Century Workplace skill training course.
    • PHASE 3 – FURTHER EDUCATION. Education for ACCA / CPA qualifications for participants performing well in Phase 2.

Successful participants must have the right:

      • Aptitude – analytical abilities, problem-solving and data-interpretation skills.
      • Attitude – innovative, enthusiastic, passionate, committed.
      • Academic Qualifications: Grades I or II or A or B in Business Examinations, from CSEC level, go up.

Applicants are required to provide the following:

      • Resumes with education and experience (if applicable)
      • Examination results or transcripts
      • Recommendation letters from two (2) non-family members (Recommendation letters are not required for persons who were a part of the Heroes Programme)
      • Reference contact information for one (1) Authorised Adult (parent or guardian) and either a principal, teacher, or guidance counsellor
      • Details on extracurricular involvement