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Empower Our Youth, Forge a Brighter Future!

In the heart of every child lies a hero, waiting to be awakened.  We believe in nurturing this potential in safe and support spaces, transforming today’s youth into tomorrow’s leaders.  Your support is not just a donation; it’s an investment in the future.

The Issues

Young people are the architects of the future, yet many lack the resources and guidance to make positive choices and build their dreams.

The challenges they face include early exposure to crime, violence, and abuse; risks to their social, emotional, and academic well-being; economic struggles; and their inability to access livelihood opportunities.

A 2022 study involving 200 young people ages 11 – 17 revealed alarming statistics.  Most significant was that approximately 95% were at risk of emotional behavioural problems, affecting their ability to manage their emotions, adapt to changes, and respond to stressful events.  Additionally, 42% were at risk of social behavioural problems, impacting their ability to maintain age-appropriate relationships.

Our Solutions

At Heroes, we’re tackling these issues by providing development opportunities and enabling young people to become a key part of the solutions.  By focusing on long-term, prevention-based youth development, we provide these aspiring heroes with the values, skills, and opportunities they need to succeed.

We keep them positively engaged in long-term interventions, provide opportunities outside their regular environment, and journey with them to build resilience, discover their purpose, and grow into powerful agents of change in areas such as the elimination of violence and abuse, climate action, and environmental sustainability.

Your Role in Their Journey

Your contribution can light the path for these young minds. Whether it’s Supporting a Child in the Heroes Development Programme (HDP), Adopting a School, supporting fundraisers, or donating resources, every dollar you donate opens a world of possibilities.

Ready to make a change?  Get involved today!


The Heroes Development Programme (HDP) harnesses the heroic and creative energies of Caribbean children and youth to become 21st-century leaders.

The child you sponsor will explore self-discovery, enhance their ability to understand and interact with the world around them, and strengthen their ability to adapt to and influence change.  They will have 24/7 access to our psychosocial and livelihood support pathway, be supported in skills development opportunities, and graduate from the programme with a personal and career development plan to guide their future.

They will also be empowered to inspire their peers to action in youth-led behaviour change projects and interventions in areas such as the elimination of violence and abuse, climate action, and environmental sustainability.

Heroes will provide you with an annual report on the child’s development and feedback, and an opportunity to meet and mentor the child you sponsor in line with our Safeguarding and Protection Framework.

The Heroes Development Programme (HDP) is delivered over 3 years to a group of at least 15 secondary school students in-person and online. 

The blended and interactive skills development and training framework was revised in 2021 with the support of UNICEF, focusing on psychosocial development, 21st-century skills development, sustainability education, career planning, and youth-led project-based learning.


1. Spanish and English Language Learning (Optional)

7. Food Sustainability and Home Gardening

2. Self-Awareness

8. Digital Literacy and Networking Academy Introduction

3. Emotional Awareness and Interpersonal Relationships

9. Career Development and the World of Work

4. A Sustainable Me Series Reforestation and Beach Clean Up

10. Energy, Climate, and Environmental Sustainability

5. Equality and the Elimination of Violence

11. Financial Literacy

6. Leading Behaviour Change Projects

12. Youth-Led Projects

Heroes works with partners to offer the best collaborative experience for participants and schools.  At a minimum, partners receive quarterly reports on the school with participant feedback and brand association for all school-related HDP initiatives.