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The Heroes Development Programme (HDP), previously known as the Youth Development Programme (YDP) is an original construct of the Heroes Foundation, designed to develop and harness the heroic and creative energy of Caribbean children and youth to become 21st-century leaders.

In 2021, Heroes, with support from UNICEF Eastern Caribbean, revised and updated the HDP curriculum with a structured focus on psychosocial development, 21st-century skill development, and sustainability education targeting equality and the elimination of violence, energy and environmental sustainability, and personal and career planning and development.

HDP is delivered to local and migrant English and Spanish-speaking children and youth via a three (3) year blended interactive skills development and training framework with digital and in-person sessions, supported by online self-paced learning content on the Heroes Connect platform.

Programme delivery utilises a mixed methods approach, emphasising learning with play and leveraging diverse creative strategies to engage participants with varying learning styles and cognitive abilities.

Participants explore self-discovery, enhance their ability to interact with others and their understanding of the world around them, and strengthen their ability to understand, adapt to, and influence positive change.

Participants are also empowered to inspire their peers to action in youth-led projects and interventions in schools and communities.

Our Programme

Participating Schools

  • Belmont Secondary School
  • Diego Martin North Secondary School
  • Marabella Secondary
  • South East Port Of Spain
  • Trinity Moka
  • WoodBrook Secondary

Youth Development Programme

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By Alexander Bruzuel Trinidad Express Newspapers 11th December, 2023 In a world where challenges faced by young people seem ever more complex and multifaceted, the Heroes Foundation (Heroes) stands as a beacon of hope, empowering tomorrow’s leaders. Founded in 2002 by...

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Youth Development Programme

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How does a school become involved in the Heroes Development Programme?

  • School or Sponsor expresses an interest in having HDP at a school.
  • Heroes reviews standard checklist and guidelines for establishing and operating the HDP with schools and sponsors:
  • Requirements for Sponsors, Schools, Liaison Teachers, Students, Parents, Heroes.
  • Meeting with Principal, Guidance Officer, School Social Worker, and other key members of staff to conduct the school’s needs assessment
  • Needs Assessment Analysis prepared by Heroes and discussed with school. Programme plan and activities adjusted based on needs assessment.
  • Heroes, School, and Sponsor sign Memorandums of Understanding.
  • Students Enrolment Begins



Checklist & Guidelines

For best results, the following are required for establishing HDP in a school:

  • A sponsor that is willing to commit to programme funding for 3 years – TTD 50,000 annually.
  • A school liaison teacher(s) assigned as the contact person(s) responsible for coordinating and working with the school team and Heroes Coordinator.
  • A designated day & time within the school week for a 45 minute to 1-hour interactive in-person session with students.
  • A Heroes HDP coordinator who manages the programme, leads in-personal and digital activities, and provides quarterly progress reports to schools, parents, and sponsors.
  • A team of 15 – 25 students enrolled from Form 1 who are committed to the programme for three years. Students are enrolled from Forms 1-3.
  • Parental permission and support commitment for students.
  • Student access to computer, tablet, or mobile device to participate in digital sessions and online development courses.